Amazon EC2 Systems Manager API Create Activation

AWS EC2 Systems Manager - Create Activation

Registers your on-premises server or virtual machine with Amazon EC2 so that you can manage these resources using Run Command.

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API Description


AWS EC2 Systems Manager


Amazon EC2 Systems Manager is a management service that helps you automatically collect software inventory, apply OS patches, create system images, and configure Windows and Linux operating systems. These capabilities help you define and track system configurations, prevent drift, and maintain software compliance of your EC2 and on-premises configurations. By providing a management approach that is designed for the scale and agility of the cloud but extends into your on-premises data center, EC2 Systems Manager makes it easier for you to seamlessly bridge your existing infrastructure with AWS.EC2 Systems Manager is easy to use. Simply access EC2 Systems Manager from the EC2 Management Console, select the instances you want to manage, and define the management tasks you want to perform. EC2 Systems Manager is available now at no cost to manage both your EC2 and on-premises resources.

Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}&DefaultInstanceName={field_value}&Description={field_value}&ExpirationDate={field_value}&IamRole={field_value}&RegistrationLimit={field_value}"

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