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Urban Airship - Put Aps Ap

Registers an APID. Unlike registration for iOS and BlackBerry applications, basic registration tying an APID to your application happens automatically. The registration API can be used to set aliases or tags. This returns HTTP 200 OK for any updates. Registering without any body is a no-op. Not including the alias field will clear it. To clear the list of tags, set it to the empty list []. If you are registering an APID to be used with C2DM, you will also need to include a C2DM registration ID.

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API Description


Urban Airship


A market-leading mobile app engagement, mobile analytics, mobile data integration and mobile wallet marketing solution.

Curl command through Streamdata.io

curl -v -h "header{header_value}""https://streamdata.motwin.net/http://go.urbanairship.com/apiapids/{apid}?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}&apid={field_value}&Content-Type={field_value}"

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